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Case studies

Case study: Carl

Carl* is 14 years old and was placed in our care by the courts, after spending over a year in a secure unit for gang related crimes including muggings and threats involving knifes in his local area.

Upon his arrival at Talocher, after just a short time he had built a very positive relationship with his main worker – a keen rugby player, in the residential home. Having listened to many of his main worker’s rugby stories and tales of friendship found through sport, Carl asked if he could join the same rugby team as him but for the Under 15’s junior section.  Although Carl had never played rugby, and never been part of team or club, he embraced the chance to learn, progress his skills and make new friends.

Immediately after his first training session for Abergavenny Rugby Club, his coaches stated that he could not believe that Carl had never played rugby or been involved with a team before. They were amazed by Carl’s enthusiasm and ability to mingle with a group of 14 year olds who had known each other for years and commented that if Carl wanted, they would sign him as a member of the rugby club, to which he gratefully accepted.

Since this first training session, Carl has played in competition matches, regularly attended his training sessions, works out in the gym and has even been to watch Wales play South Africa in the Millennium Stadium.

*Name changed to protect identity