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Services summary

Who do we support?

Located just outside of Monmouth, Wales, Talocher School provides specialist education for boys and/or girls aged 7-19 with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) as well as co-morbid diagnoses that can lead to a variety of complex trauma.

Re-integrating young people into the learning process

We understand that many of the young people who join us at Talocher School are very vulnerable and may have a history of interrupted education. We strive to re-integrate all our pupils into the learning process and achieve improved outcomes that lead to positive next steps. We reward pupils in a visible way and the whole school shares Mission Statement that places each individual at the centre of their educational experience.

Personalised teaching environments

The bespoke person-centred programs of study that we offer at Talocher School combine engagement support, therapy, teaching and learning support that takes place both on and off site as well as within local and wider communities. By keeping class sizes purposely small (max. five students per class), we can provide teaching environments that are tailored to the needs of individuals and deliver the best possible outcomes. 

Keeping you informed

Talocher School strives to keep parents fully informed and involved in their child’s education. We are in regular communication with parents and local authorities, keeping you updated via email, telephone calls and face-to-face meetings which can be daily, weekly, monthly, or as and when required.