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Useful information

Fees and funding

Typically, local authorities, social services, education departments and health departments will be responsible for referring young people to Talocher School and pay their school fees. Having said that, parents and carers have a right to be involved at all stages of the process.

Talocher School has a transparent pricing structure. Our fees are matched to the individual’s needs and we review these annually and adjust them according to any requirements for additional/enhanced levels of adult support, the need for therapeutic provision as well as a need for the use of specialist external provisions to supplement an individual’s curriculum. Here at Talocher School, we guarantee fee reductions. This means that as children and young people progress and become more socially independent, their fees will reduce accordingly.

For more details on our fees please contact us directly to discuss how we can meet your needs by emailing:

Keeping your child safe online

For a range of information about keeping yourself or a child you know safer from any online abuse, please visit: www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/


Talocher School received 1 complaint during the 2022-2023 academic year.

Please note that there is a variety of information available throughout the website, but should you require any information relevant to school policies, individual academic performance, the complaints procedure and a summary of staff and their qualifications, this information is also available on request.

Key contact details

For general enquiries, please contact:
Teresa Bowen
Senior Administrator, Talocher School
E: teresabowen@aspriscs.co.uk
T: 01600 740 777 (option 1)

To contact the Headteacher:
Neil Payne
Headteacher, Talocher School
E: NeilPayne@aspriscs.co.uk
T: 01600 740 777

To contact the Interim Operations Director:

Scott Preston
Interim Operations Director, Aspris Children’s Services / Chair of Governors
E: scottpreston@aspris.com
T: 07354 903584

John Anderson, Chief Operating Officer
Chair for the Proprietor
E: JohnAnderson@aspris.com
T: 07825170035
10 Pioneer Court
County Durham