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Residential care testimonials

We understand that you need to consider all aspects of a placement when choosing the right setting for a young person. 

The testimonials below aim to give you a real insight into Aspris Care, our residential environments, the specialist care we provide and the outcomes the young people can achieve at one of our children’s homes.

“Before Sarah* started, we spent a long time asking questions about how things would work with her living in care. It was such a massive decision for us. We were never made to feel silly, even though we asked questions about everything and anything.

It was the hardest decision of our lives 'letting her go', but we really do feel that staff have her best interests at heart and that we will work together to help Sarah to grow and develop.” (Parent of a resident)

“The staff are so caring with the children, it’s like a family. If it weren't these staff looking after my child, I wouldn't let her go to stay in a home. I don't trust some friends as much as I trust the people at the home. They're all lovely and I am so grateful. I know my child can be quite a handful but they talk to her in the right way. She gets a lot of opportunities that I wouldn't be able to give her so that is really good.” (Parent of a resident)

“Somehow you've managed to get him cooking! Oh how I've longed for the day when he would cook or bake with me. He was flipping pancakes for breakfast with me the other day.” (Parent of a resident)

“Coming here is helping me become more independent.” (Residential student) 

“Can I take this opportunity to thank you for the way in which you have handled this concern. By sharing information with the relevant professionals, we have been able to safeguard a child at risk.” (Local Safeguarding Professional)

*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.