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Admissions criteria

Who do we support?

Talocher School takes referrals from Wales, meaning we welcome children with Statement of Educational Needs (SEN), an education, health and care plan.

If you are parent

If you are a parent considering sending your child to school here at Talocher, then we would love to hear from you. Please email us to arrange an informal visit so that you and your family can get a better feel of what we do and how we work and decide whether you think Talocher School is the right place for your child.

If you are a Local Authority

Talocher School welcomes Local Authorities to make a referral request or placement via our central Aspris number 01600 740777 opt 1. Alternatively, you can contact us directly at the school by emailing talocherschool@aspriscs.co.uk

Step 1

We receive the initial paperwork and make an assessment as to whether or not we feel we can meet the young person’s needs.

Step 2

We arrange for the young person to visit the school for an initial assessment. This is a very flexible process, which we are able to work around the needs of the young person.

Step 3

If we feel we are able to meet the young person’s needs, we will then invite them for a three month test period at Talocher School. This allows us to carry out further assessments and enter into thorough discussions with both the placing authority and the child’s parents to ensure that everyone agrees a permanent placement would be in the young person’s best interests, without the risk of having another permanent exclusion on their record.

Step 4

Depending on the success of the assessment period, the young person would either take up a permanent place at Talocher, or another Aspris placement would be offered that betters suits their needs.