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Mission statement

Our purpose

To inspire and motivate, enabling all to have appropriate foundations and adaptability to be successful in an ever changing world.

Our values

  • Be safe
  • Be kind
  • Be aspirational

Our ethos is our integrity

Our priority is the welfare, health and safety of our learners. This is achieved by providing a consistently safe, secure, caring and compassionate environment. Our relational model, positive behaviour support approach and therapeutic framework encourages learners to trust the adults around them, act responsibly, respectfully and independently. Our staff (Education Team) look to nurture, guide and provide positive educational opportunities that are child focused. This enables each individual to progress and flourish towards a positive future in a healthy, happy and enjoyable way.

Our aims

The ways in which we deliver the values and ethos…

  • Our learners
  • Our environment
  • Our staff

Our learners

  • Full time, supervised education that is aspirational
  • Broad, balanced, inclusive and challenging curriculum that meets BESD/ASC difficulties 
  • Make positive progress in behaviour, social independence and academic attainment
  • Enrichment, Technological & Vocational opportunities leading to positive outcomes
  • Acquire new knowledge, skills & understanding through creative & connected learning
  • Impact on day-to-day running of school through learner voice/school council
  • Accept challenges, cope and take responsibility for actions & transition to next steps
  • Ambitious capable learners, Enterprising creative contributors, Healthy confident individuals, Ethical informed citizens

Our environment is:

  • Compliant to strict H&S requirements
  • Well maintained:
    • Safe
    • Warm
    • Nurturing
    • SEMH/ASD appropriate
  • On site vs. Local and Wider Communities
  • Readily accessible to meet individual needs
  • Supports the delivery of the 6 Areas of Learning Experience (AOLE’s)

Our staff are:

  • Safer recruited
  • Willing to go the extra mile
  • Proactive in delivering a person centred approach
  • Compliant to professional standards for Teaching & Leadership (5 professional standards)
  • Entry to profession - QTS and induction
  • Qualified and/or High Quality PL
  • Aware of Statuary Frameworks – KLS
  • Literacy, Numeracy & Digital Competence

Our curriculum

Cynefin – the place where we feel we belong
We want Talocher School to feel like this to the learners

Foundations for success

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Digital competence

Areas of learning experience

  • Expressive Arts
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Humanities
  • Languages, Literacy and Communication
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
  • Science and Technology

The four purposes

  • Ambitious, capable learners
  • Enterprising, creative contributors
  • Healthy, confident individuals
  • Ethical, informed citizens
To view our full mission statement, please click here.