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Therapy services

Strathmore College is able to offer the services of an in-house therapist as well as access to a psychologist and speech and language therapist. Learners are able to access individual therapy programmes regularly without facing long waiting lists.

How we use therapy

The use of therapy is fundamental to what we do here at Strathmore College. We believe it helps our young people immensely and is the big difference between us and a mainstream setting: Strathmore College is about so much more than just helping our learners to achieve qualifications and accreditations, what we do is provide the individualised support  and programme of non accredited learning that enables learners to achieve their full potential. We use therapy to develop the core elements of social and personal development and remove barriers to learning to create a shift in our young people’s lives, helping to boost their capacity to learn and achieve.

Dedicated therapy rooms

The central Strathmore College hub has a dedicated therapy room where learners can work with our professional team either individually or in small groups. In addition we also have a Quiet Room which gives learners a safe, quiet space where they can have a time out if they get anxious until they feel ready to re-engage with learning.