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Transitioning services

Strathmore College gives a lot of thought and attention to transition planning as we understand the importance of smooth transitions in maximising the young person’s chance of success.

We take a multi-agency approach to identifying need. Our in-house transitions co-ordinator spends time liaising with families and working with other agencies to ensure we make fully-informed decisions based on high quality, in-depth information.

Joining Strathmore College

During the admission process, we take time to gather as much information about the young person. We bring together everyone involved in the young person’s care to look carefully at the learner’s:

  • Needs
  • Abilities
  • History
  • Hopes for their time at college
  • Future aspirations in line with the EHC plan

This helps us to ensure we are confident we can meet their needs and enables us to plan ahead to get the required support in place.

We understand that many of our learners at Strathmore College have anxiety-based conditions and therefore make suitable arrangements to minimise the stress and uncertainty of joining us. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, this may include:

  • Assessment days at college prior to admission
  • College taster days
  • A short day programme, gradually building up the time spent at college

Moving on from Strathmore College

We believe that forward planning is the key to successful transitions. This is why we start preparing around 12 months before our young people are due to leave Strathmore College, with regular transition meetings arranged throughout the learner’s final year with us.

When it comes to onward transitions, our focus is on supporting young people to make informed choices about their future, making sure they are on track for where they want to go. Depending on the individual’s preferences and aspirations, their onward pathway may include:

  • Supported living
  • Moving into one of our partner Craegmoor services
  • Moving into employment