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Curriculum information

Strathmore College offers learners a highly-personalised curriculum that covers core subjects through the individual programmes that learners follow.

Individual learning packages are built in response to one question: What does this young person need to learn to get to where they want to be in life? We look closely at the routes and options available to the learner to meet their career goals and then work with them, not only on the academic and/or vocational steps required to do this, but also on the personal development, communication and problem-solving skills which will help them to do so.

Whilst each learner will have their own unique timetable, built around their interests and aspirations, their learning package may include one, or a combination of:

  • Vocational routes (e.g. floristry, horticulture, catering)
  • A programme of personal and social development
  • Attending mainstream college to develop links and progression route
  • Following accredited learning programmes taught in-house