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Strathmore College

Welcome to Strathmore College

Strathmore College provides bespoke study programmes for young people aged 16 to 25 years old with a range of learning difficulties and/or disabilities, including:

What makes us different is that each of our learners work on a completely individual programme which is specifically structured to support them into employment and to gain an increased level of independence as they prepare for adulthood. Good links with employers enables learners to develop skills in the workplace to support their transition.

The Strathmore College building itself acts as a central hub from which a vast range of community-based learning takes place. Community-based learning is central to our ethos, with learners engaging in a lot of practical, hands-on activities and work-based learning.

Communication, English and Maths are core skills developed throughout the curriculum. Learners are supported on an individual basis to develop these skills in preparation for accreditation.

Strathmore College is committed to turning our young people’s lives around; helping them to realise where they once might have been told “you can’t”, that in fact they now can.

"We are committed to turning our young people's lives around"

“Strathmore College is committed to turning our young people’s lives around. We help them to realise that although they may have once been told they can’t do it, that in fact they now can.”

Kate Ward, School Principal at Strathmore College

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