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Admissions criteria

Who do we support?

Strathmore College provides individualised learning programmes for young people aged 16- 25 years with a range of learning difficulties and/or disabilities.  

Many of our learners are on the autism spectrum, ranging from those with high functioning autism to those with complex  behaviour needs. We also welcome learners with a range of other conditions, including Down Syndrome, emotional and social behaviour issues, speech and language difficulties and other health related, mental or physical difficulties.

Due to the very wide spread of ability of our learners, we work in a highly individualised way.

The admissions process

The admissions process at Strathmore College is designed to give learners maximum opportunity to make informed choices. In order to do that, we have to start involving the young person themselves in the process from as early on as possible.

We encourage young people to visit prior to admission to get a feel for Strathmore College and ensure they feel it will be a good fit for them. If this goes well, we will arrange for an on-site assessment with the learner to identify their needs and outcomes as part of the EHC plan process. Based on the findings of this process, we will then develop an individualised learning programme for the learner.

If a learner who is joining us at Strathmore College has previously had a negative experience in education, we will look to design their learning package in such a way that will get them motivated and engaged with learning, such as through a short day programme. In all cases, the admissions process is needs-led by the learner.