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Community education

Strathmore College strives to prepare our young people to become successful adults who are able to live within and make a valuable contribution to society. As such, we understand the importance of integrating community education within every element of daily life at the college.

Here at Strathmore College, we are always looking for opportunities to help our young people access community-based facilities and participate in community-based activities, to help develop both their academic skills and their social skills.

Learners are welcomed to take part in:

  • Weekly community disco
  • Charity fundraising events (e.g. World Autism Day, Down Syndrome Day)
  • Arts and crafts sessions
  • Visiting local pubs
  • Eating out in local restaurants
  • Helping to run the college café out in the community
  • Work-based learning
  • Voluntary groups (e.g. at Tittesworth Reservoir, Sherratts Wood Farm and Ford Green Hall)
  • Sporting activities within the local community
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme