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Residential services

Residential pupils at Talocher School can choose between six residential homes, each with slightly different facilities, but all providing a warm and welcoming environment. We offer residential accommodation for young people aged 7 to 19 years for up to 52 weeks per year. Located in and around the local area, all six of our homes are within a 15 minute drive of Talocher School.

Our homes range from a large seven-bedroom property to a smaller three-bedroom home that provides more intensive support. All residential pupils will benefit from modern living facilities, including:

  • Single bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, which young people can personalise
  • Spacious communal areas including lounges and dining rooms
  • Kitchens designed to assist individuals in improving their cooking skills
  • Fully enclosed gardens which off­er safe and tranquil environments
  • Vehicles to access the school and wider community facilities
  • Homes decorated like a ‘normal’ home
  • Safe and caring environments