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Life skills

Here at Rugeley School, we take a long-term view. We don’t just look at today, we look at where our students will be in 10, 20 and 30 years’ time. We strive to give more meaning to the environment in which young people with ASD live and to help them to lead happy, meaningful lives and prepare them for an independent adult life.

A focus on self-regulation

Here at Rugeley School, we do not just looking to improve behaviour but also to give our young people the skills to bring their own behaviours down through self-regulation. We seek to equip young people with tools and coping strategies to approach and deal with new, potentially distressing situations.

Moving towards independence

Our aim is that young people with autism achieve an enhanced degree of emotional stability though individualised care planning and target setting. We provide support to help our students lead fulfilling, happy, meaningful lives and prepare them for an independent adult life.

From the moment a young person arrives at the school, we look at where they will be moving on to after leaving us. By doing this, we are better able to start working towards meaningful goals and targets. Staff at Rugeley School are always looking to help students develop not only their academic achievements, but also their life skills, independence and ability to be a valuable member of their local community.

Supporting families

Rugeley School provides support and guidance not only for our pupils through direct working, but also for their families. We help parents/carers to develop risk management skills and resilience strategies to successfully deal with significant life experiences, changes and challenges.