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Transitioning services

The principal aim of Rugeley School is always to give more meaning to the environment in which our children and young people with autism exist. We want to help them lead a fulfilling, happy and meaningful life. More importantly, we want to prepare them as best we can for an independent adult life as far as possible.

Preparing for adulthood

We work with our students over a period of time, taking very many small steps towards more independent living. We focus on a few areas for improvement and, together, over time, they combine to create meaningful achievements in terms of independence and outcomes by the time they leave Rugeley School.

Our post-16 curriculum

Rugeley’s post-16 curriculum and residential curriculum are both designed to prepare pupils for the transition into adulthood. We begin the transition planning process well in advance to ensure the best possible chance of success, for example:

  • We hold annual transition reviews with all key professionals
  • We invite key professionals into school for meetings and visits
  • Staff will support a young person on the agreed transition plan, including visiting the next placement and/or overnight stays

Where do our young people go?

Students who have attended Rugeley School often move on either to college (residential or day) or to residential homes/supported living. Wherever possible, we will work to transition young people back into their local authority.