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Education services

The educational programme offered at Rugeley School aims to encourage our young people to be as happy and independent as possible. This means that we seek to increase individual engagement with learning activities (especially those that are essential for a more independent life but may be less-motivating for the individual) with a view to developing learning and the acquisition of skills.

A focus on physical education

A key aspect of the Rugeley philosophy is participation in periods of regular physical activity.  Primarily these enable the young people to disperse excess energy and attain the emotional and physical composure and increased self-awareness necessary to access the curriculum. Additional benefits we see include:

  • A decrease in the frequency of negative self-stimulatory behaviours
  • A decrease in aggression and self-injurous behaviours
  • Increased attention span
  • Improved motor-function
  • Improved receptiveness to the development of desirable learning behaviours
  • Improved proprioception and functioning of the vestibular system
  • Improved self-awareness and well-being
  • Improved tolerance of environmental complexity