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Activities and facilities

Our experienced team of professionals have a deep understanding of autism. As such, we are able to better cater for individual needs to help minimise associated behaviours which are characteristic of autism through measures such as:

  • Well-equipped sensory rooms which permit the delivery of a ‘sensory diet’
  • Extensive grounds which enable movement breaks
  • A 20m indoor swimming pool and a large gym
  • A fitness suite
  • Visual signage around the school to help with processing difficulties
  • A variety of 1:1 rooms
  • Discreet colour schemes that create a calming environment

Learning beyond the classroom

We plan a wide range of activities, both within and beyond school. These are purposely designed to focus on achieving aspirational outcomes for our young people in seven key areas:

  • Communication
  • Sensory Processing
  • Engagement
  • Academic Attainment
  • Behaviour
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Life Skills

These activities can be small-scale, such as going to a local supermarket or visiting a duck pond, to full day trips, for example watching a Rugby World Cup match or going to the Sea Life Centre.

A regular programme of visitors

The school welcomes visitors to give talks or shows for our young people. In the past, this has included visits from a circus skills workshop and ‘ZooLab’ which brings animals in for the young people to meet and learn about.

Specialist learning spaces

The school has dedicated well-equipped learning spaces for specialist subjects, including:

  • Food technology kitchen
  • Art studio
  • Music room

A focus on sports

Our strong focus on incorporating physical education in our curriculum means we have fantastic on-site sports facilities. These include:

  • A large indoor gym
  • A 20m indoor swimming pool
  • Fitness room with gym equipment
  • Outdoor running track

We offer a broad range of sporting activities for our young people, for example:

  • PE
  • Swimming
  • Rollerblading
  • Cycling
  • Trampolining (students can participate in trampolining proficiency awards)
  • Jogging (students compete in the annual Shugborough two-mile relay race against other local schools and athletics clubs)