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Therapy services

Rossendale School offers pupils a wide range of therapeutic input. Where a young person has followed the appropriate referral process and/or where a need is stated in their EHC plan, the school is able to provide timely access to our in-house therapeutic team.

The role of therapy at Rossendale School

Many of the young people who we support here at Rossendale School have experienced major traumas in their lives. We actively advise and support students in coming to terms with this by providing them with access to a wide range of clinical services including psychiatry, psychotherapy, CAMHS, drug counselling, general health, family planning and specialist medical advice.

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Our therapy team

Speech and Language Therapist

Our Speech and language therapist holds a BSc Hons in Speech Pathology and Therapy.

CBT Therapist

Our CBT therapist is a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN) and holds a BSc Hons in Mental Health Nursing. He also works with young people’s families, giving them strategies to manage living with a challenging child and providing them with an outlet.

Art Psychotherapist

Our Art Psychotherapist specialises in attachment, which is a particular issue for fostered and adopted children. She also provides support for families during regular direct sessions. She holds an MA in Art Psychotherapy.

CAMHS Counsellor

A neurodevelopmental pathways support worker, who is a member of the Trafford CAMHS team, visits the school once per week to provide support. Holding a variety of qualifications, our CAMHS practitioner works directly with young people as well as with their families. This also gives the school valuable in-roads to the Pennine NHS trust CAMHS services.

Dedicated therapeutic facilities

Rossendale School has on-site therapy rooms and an in-house therapy team, meaning our young people can access support on the school campus and avoid lengthy waits for treatment. We have a number of dedicated spaces which are used for therapy sessions, either in small groups or for 1:1 work with students, including:

  • A sensory room
  • A dedicated therapy room

Helping young people manage their conditions

Therapy is used at Rossendale School to help young people and their families to understand their conditions and the impact they may have on their lives. For people on the autism spectrum, this is something that can often be overlooked, which is why we as a school feel it is such an important area to focus on.

Our therapists help students to come to terms with and fully understand what it means to be on the spectrum or to have ADHD for example, explaining how it may affect them and what they can do to reduce its impact. Rossendale School uses therapy as an invaluable tool to equip our young people with coping strategies that will help them to live successfully side-by-side with their condition.