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Education services

Rossendale School follows the National Curriculum and the school day is based upon the established pattern found in most mainstream schools. Each young person is assigned to a year group appropriate to his/her chronological age and academic ability, with pupils taught in one hour periods during the morning and 50 minute sessions in the afternoon.

Ofsted commented...

“Teaching is good and all subject teachers promote and improve pupils’ literacy skills effectively.”

Ofsted, October 2014

Individualised programmes of study

Rossendale School creates personalised programmes of study to meet the individual needs of students. Our focus is always on facilitating young people to get to where they want to be in life so we ensure our education provision remains purposely broad and flexible in order to meet students’ individual requirements. We create bespoke learning packages that help the young person to gain the qualifications they require to get them to where they want to be eventually, which may include:

  • Supporting study of pre-requisite qualifications to enable the young person to study a higher level course in their preferred field
  • Splitting the tuition of modules between the school and a local FE college
  • Studying for a combination of GCSEs, BTECs, AS Levels and A Levels skills at the same time

Ofsted commented…

“Pupils make good progress because individualised programmes and highly positive educational experiences meet their specific needs.”

Ofsted, October 2014

Rewarding progress

Rossendale School believes all young people need to feel valued and perhaps our young people more so than most. We feel it is important to recognise and approve of our students’ work and appropriate behaviour as it can be a major motivating factor for them. Whilst increments in improvement may seem small to those outside of the school, we understand that these can represent significant steps for our pupils. We use weekly assemblies, certificates of achievement and end of year presentation days to celebrate our young people’s achievements.

Access arrangements for examinations

We are able to provide a range of access arrangements for examinations for those pupils who have this provision outlined in their statement of need or EHC plan. We also have a specialist in-house teacher who is qualified to assess pupils for the appropriate access arrangements. This streamlines the process and vastly speeds up the time it takes to identify the support young people require.

Ofsted commented...

“Pupils have positive attitudes to learning and make excellent improvements in behaviour over time because of the support and encouragement they receive from the whole staff team.”

Ofsted, October 2014