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Services summary

Rossendale School offers a carefully constructed curriculum which largely follows the national curriculum in a caring and supportive environment, in which concern and respect for others is fostered and the importance of good relationships is exemplified.

We put together a package of support to ensure every young person we support has the best chance of achieving their academic, emotional and social potential.

Who do we support?

Rossendale School provides education for up to 104 day pupils aged between eight and 18 years old.

The majority of our pupils are on the autism spectrum with average or above average cognitive ability.  We support young people with autism and associated difficulties in social and emotional mental health, who can access an academic curriculum.   

Key objectives

Rossendale School’s core purpose is to meet the needs of individual pupils as set out in their Statement of Need or Education Health and Care plan. However, over and above this, we strive to play a major role in:

  • Engaging the young person in learning
  • Maximising individual potential
  • Valuing the individual
  • Promoting self-awareness and respect for others
  • Providing a supportive caring environment
  • Celebrating success in all its forms
  • Creating an ethos of high expectation
  • Creating a stimulating learning environment

The school operates over two sites, with Primary, Year 7 and Sixth Form based in Rawtenstall a short drive away from the main site in Ramsbottom. The main site supports young people from Years 8-11.

We offer an academic pathway with the ability to support young people who may have large gaps in their education due to time away from school or for other reasons related to their wider needs. Alongside the academic pathway, we are also able to offer a more vocational route for those young people whose strengths and interests lie in more hands-on learning. 

We support young people to study to their potential and to have the opportunity to be entered for examinations at all levels, from Entry Level through to GCSE, from BTEC to A Level. Young people are supported not only through an excellent curriculum and high-quality teaching but also through thoughtful holistic and pastoral care.   

Classes are small with well qualified staff leading and supporting lessons. Our staff are experienced and trained to recognise and deal with young people’s sensory needs. Through an exceptional level of staff support, our young people leave the school better prepared for everyday life.

We have a strong careers programme in all key stages, and we prioritise Preparation for Adulthood alongside our academic offer.

A bespoke package of learning support

Our person-centred ethos shapes every aspect of life at Rossendale School.

A high staff to pupil ratio means we can offer 1:1 support should the young person’s needs dictate. This support is provided by Teaching Assistants and is in addition to that of a qualified teacher, who will oversee the individual’s learning during a lesson.

Keeping you informed

Rossendale School prides itself on building close relationships with parents and carers. We hold annual parents’ evenings, Looked After Children meetings and annual reviews, which give parents and carers a chance to visit the school, meet with staff and discuss their child’s progress. We also use these meetings as an opportunity to celebrate our young people’s achievements.

We take a pro-active and personalised approach to keeping parents and carers up to date with their child’s progress. On admission, we agree with parents/carers the best method of communication for them. Contact is then individually tailored to requirements in-line with these preferences.

A focus on social and emotional learning

Rossendale School believes that a rounded education is not only about gaining knowledge and acquiring essential skills but also about personal development. We want to ensure that during their time with us, our young people reach their academic capacity and also develop the social and emotional skills they need to reach their full potential and function successfully as young adults in the real world.

We always take a long-term view of each of the young people we support and look to how we can help them to move on and become employable in the future. Whilst academic achievement is hugely important, we recognise that social and emotional learning is equally important for our young people. After all, GCSEs are of little value if the young person does not feel confident to leave their bedroom to put them to use.

By focussing on our students’ social and emotional development, we are able to make academic achievement a possibility. In our experience, one without the other just does not work.

Consistency is key

We believe that consistency is key to successful learning for our young people. For this reason, classroom support assistants tend to stay with the teaching group; moving between different lessons with the same pupils. This provides stability and security for the group.