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“S is happy and very calm and achieving his full potential.”

Parent of pupil SH, December 2015

“S is calmer and has better listening skills; he has better spoken communication.”

Parent of pupil SR, December 2015

“J has gone from strength to strength at Oliver House School. His school work and ability to communicate any needs or anxieties to staff members has greatly improved. They have the ability to bring out the best in him”.

Parent of pupil JC, May 2016

“G moved to Oliver House in December 2015, his environment changed significantly, he now has intensive support and is able to go to school and participate in his activities”.

Parent of pupil GC, June 2016

“S loves coming to school and has hugely benefitted from the consistent support of his staff. We do appreciate all they do”.

Parent of pupil SH, June 2016