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Activities and facilities

Oliver House School has been purpose-designed to be able to meet individual children’s varying needs.

Built with the individual in mind

The main school building is split over two levels, with the upstairs catering for young people with high functioning autism and the downstairs designed for those with more complex needs. There are a number of sensory rooms around the site, including a dark room and a ball pool area, as well as a spa bath, play room and outside play area. There is also an indoor exercise area with trampolines and exercise bikes which our young people can use.

Individual classrooms

Each student has their own classroom which they are encouraged to personalise; they can decorate it according to their preferences and needs, such as having a microwave in the room if they have anxiety around food or a radio playing music if they are particularly sensitive to noise.

Off-site activities

Every pupil at Oliver House School has their own highly individualised curriculum, developed in consultation with the young person themselves and their parents/carers. The plan includes details of any activities they have chosen from the wide range of options offered by the school in the local community.

Young people can choose from:

  • Bowling
  • Climbing
  • Cycling
  • Gym
  • Horse riding
  • Safe play
  • Shopping
  • Spa trips
  • Swimming
  • Trampolining
  • Visiting Pets Corner at the local park
  • Walking

Young people at Oliver House School are supported to participate in any activities that they wish to try. The school will always do its best to cater for a child’s particular area of interest/need.

Outcomes-focussed activities

The activities programme at Oliver House School is an integral part of each pupil’s personalised learning curriculum and feeds into their individualised learning plans. There will be personalised targets set around each activity e.g. swimming may involve targets around going with a peer or going to a public pool. We ensure that everything we support a young person to do is helping them take a small step towards their targets and often this can be accredited through AQA.