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Work experience opportunities

For our young people who wish to, and are able to undertake work experience, Oliver House School offers a range of placements.

Local links for lasting placements

We have good working relationships with a number of local businesses who have taken our students on placement and which we know to offer very supportive environments. The school has links to organisations in a range of industries including recycling, horticulture, office work and a bakery. Placements will always be chosen based upon the young person’s interests.

Placement structure

Usually, students attend a work experience placement for one half-day per week over the course of a year. Structuring the placement in this way helps our young people to gradually become familiar with the working environment and to build their skills over a longer period of time. Only one young person will be assigned to a particular place of work at any one time and a member of our staff will always accompany them for support. Placements are regularly monitored, so if it was felt that a young person was not settling well, we would look to find an alternative.