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Education services

Oliver House School provides highly-specialist primary, secondary and Post-16 educational support for young people aged 6 to 19 years old who are on the autism spectrum. Some of our students have high-functioning autism, whilst others have complex autism with significant learning difficulties.

A bespoke package of learning support

Every element of the educational programme at Oliver House School centres around the individual needs of the young people that we support. For example, we offer:

  • Bespoke packages of tailored teaching
  • Learning delivered in personal classrooms and/or group-learning environments
  • Individual timetables for each student, built around their needs and interests

Targeted teaching groups

In many schools, young people are streamed into age-based classes. Here at Oliver House School, we believe there is a better approach for our young people. We group students together in four phases, based on their needs and abilities. On average, each phase has around six or seven pupils, allowing us to give highly-tailored attention to every young person in our care.

A flexible curriculum

Oliver House School offers an innovative curriculum which is tailored to the individual student’s needs. Our young people are able to study a range of subjects up to GCSE level, as well as a number of vocational routes. In the past, we have also bought in outside tuition for subjects we don’t currently cover to ensure that we offer maximum flexibility and support for pupils in pursuing their passions and interests. We find this approach helps to improve our young people’s engagement with their learning programmes.

A therapeutic learning environment

All students here at Oliver House School have a Statement of Special Educational Needs. Often our young people will have experienced difficulties in previous mainstream and local authority special school placements. Many will have previously been excluded from school or had problems at home because of their complex and challenging needs and behaviours.

Oliver House School is here to break that cycle. Our in-house MDT uses a broad range of therapies, techniques and support to ensure our services meet young people’s individual needs and are available whenever required. By doing this, we are able to give students the best chance of academic success and support them in overcoming issues which may previously have caused placements to breakdown.

Continuity of care

Oliver House School takes an innovative approach to the way in which students are supported. Staff work across both the residential and school environments in order to provide outstanding continuity of care.