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Getting ready for life

At Coxlease School, we aim to give all pupils the opportunity to develop their vocational skills, helping to smooth the transition into further education, training or employment. We offer a wide range of vocational programmes so that our pupils gain more of an understanding of the world of work and can start to learn valuable social, communication, life and practical skills to support their transition into adulthood.

Integrating life skills into the curriculum

In line with the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000, and the Children Act 2004 in working to ‘Achieve Economic Well-Being’, Coxlease School supports young people to develop the life and independence (as well as the academic) skills required to reach their potential. The school offers a range of initiatives to help develop the skills pupils require to become successful members of society, and the curriculum delivered at Coxlease School ensures life skills are well-integrated into pupils’ timetables, through:

  • Citizenship and PSHE lessons
  • RSE Education
  • Career Events in line with The Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Meeting a careers advisor (via links with Southampton City College)

Being heard

Coxlease School aims to equip pupils with the confidence to communicate their ideas and opinions in a constructive manner which is likely to bring about positive change. We encourage our young people to discuss any concerns or opinions directly with staff, through day-to-day conversations, key worker sessions and children and young people’s meetings.

Pupils are also encouraged to take part in our school council meetings which are held every six weeks to discuss issues affecting the running of the school. The council also receives a budget each term, which members can choose to spend as they see fit.

Proven success in preparing young people for adulthood

Coxlease School is committed to ensuring that our pupils are able to be a part of, and give back to, their local community after they leave us. Since 2012, each and every pupil that has left Coxlease School has gone on to further education, employment or training. We are proud of this outstanding track record, which shows the school is well-equipped to prepare young people to re-engage with the community and become successful citizens.

Community Engagement

Coxlease School looks beyond a pupil’s academic career, helping to equip individuals with the skills they need to become valuable members of society. The school uses community-based learning to help young people at Coxlease School reach their potential and understand how to behave in the ‘real world’ where the structure and routine is not the same as in a school setting.

We regularly use local facilities to help pupils access activities that they enjoy as well as encouraging our young people to get involved with the local community. Pupils have previously taken part in:

  • Visiting swimming baths
  • Visiting bowling alleys
  • Visiting the cinema
  • Volunteering at a nursing home
  • Tree conservation
  • Taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme
  • Helping to interview new staff at the school
  • Showing prospective visitors, parents and pupils around the school
  • Helping to host a visit from the local mayor