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Education services

Coxlease School offers highly individualised learning programmes which place pupils’ needs at their core. We aim not only to help our pupils’ develop their academic skills, but also to offer a range of learning experiences outside of the classroom which will develop their physical and social skills. This highly effective combination provides the support our young people require to become successful adults.

Small class sizes for tailored teaching

Class sizes at Coxlease School are typically between five and eight pupils, meaning our young people benefit from a personalised learning environment that is based on their individual needs. Each class will also have a minimum of two staff (one teacher and one learning support assistant). If an individual requires additional support, we can also arrange for a staff member to work with them on a 1:1 basis depending on their level of need. These small class sizes, along with our high staff to pupil ratios, ensure that we are able to give the correct level of support to learners when and where required.

"Most pupils study for GCSE qualifications and then move on to college, sometimes supported by school staff. Pupils know that adults have high expectations and want them to succeed.”

Ofsted January 2022