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Key Stage 4

We believe that Students enter KS4 socially and emotionally ready to adopt an options timetable. Our KS2 & KS3 curriculum model prepares our KS4 learners for an explicit learning approach, which will lead them into further learning confidence, independence, and resilience.

Using our overarching theme, KS4 are taught more so explicitly. Our pupils participate in key learning, such as Talkabout and PSHE to support their emotional and social progress. We see this is as vital to developing skills, which will lead them to achieving a GCSE level in core subjects. All core subjects are compulsory within the timetable, however some pupils wish to study these core subjects further and are given the option to do so, such as English Literature.

Core Subjects

At Coxlease School, developing core learning is vital in supporting our students to achieve their goals in further education or career paths. All students participate in GCSE Maths, GCSE English and GCSE Science, delivered by specialist teachers. These lessons are taught explicitly, with the support of approved AQA teaching materials. Our science laboratory allows our students to participate fully in the science curriculum, along with the exposure of theory-based learning.

All core subjects are taught to a GCSE level, giving all our students an opportunity to achieve a qualification in these essential subjects. Alternative qualifications are available to individuals when needed.

  • Mathematics - AQA GCSE (Levels 1-9)
  • English Language - AQA GCSE (Levels 1-9)
  • English Literature (available as an option) - AQA GCSE (Levels 1-9)
  • Science - AQA GCSE (Levels 1-9)
  • Alternative Qualifications Available:
    • Entry Levels: English & Mathematics
    • Functional Skills: English & Mathematics (Levels 1&2)

Our Options Programme

Our KS4 pupils are introduced to an options programme, allowing them to direct their choice of study into areas that they find most interesting and would like to obtain a GCSE in. Students are directed through choosing their programme of study, which may include careers discussion, areas of strength and their preferred way of learning (practical, coursework, and exam).

Our Options on offer:

BTEC (Levels 1-2) & GCSE (levels 1-9)

  • Art

  • Performing Arts

  • Food Technology

  • Digital Information Technology

  • Creative Media Production

  • Physical Education

  • Business Studies

  • History

Additional Qualifications available:

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze, Silver, Gold)