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Admissions criteria

Who do we support?

Coxlease School supports children and young people between the ages of 5 and 19 who have difficulties with their emotional, social and mental health, as well as other complex needs often associated with autistic spectrum conditions.

When a new pupil is referred to Coxlease School, we will carry out an assessment to ensure that we are able to meet their individual needs. Our admissions criteria takes into consideration a range of aspects when looking at a new placement, including prior history, current pupil need and disaffection with education and specific pupil needs to ensure that we can achieve the best possible outcomes for each child.

In order to attend Coxlease School, a pupil has usually been diagnosed with:

  • Complex difficulties consistent with combinations of emotional and social difficulties as well as other possible related conditions such as autism and mental health
  • Learning difficulties within the mild to moderate range
  • Poor peer relationships
  • Poor self-image
  • Anxieties and attention seeking behaviours
  • Difficulty in coping with change
  • Low level emotional resilience

The admissions process:

Step 1

The first step after receiving an enquiry is to decide whether Coxlease School is suitable for the young person by studying reports, previous assessment data and other available information. We then request a fuller assessment, liaising with other professionals and the young person.

Step 2
Parents/carers and the young person themselves will be invited in to meet with our senior managers, teachers (and the care team where applicable) to identify any personal and explicit needs and ascertain if these can be met.

Step 3

The school makes a detailed placement offer to the referrer, which includes how we envisage meeting the young person’s needs and the anticipated outcomes.

Step 4

The involved professionals and the pupil accept a place at Coxlease School. We arrange a review meeting to discuss the young person’s transition into the school to maximise the placement’s chance of success.

Reviewing the initial placement

Coxlease School has a thorough placement review system in place, whereby we send regular Initial Placement Reviews to the placing authority from a pupil’s second week at Coxlease School.

Regular communication and placement reviews are essential as they enable us to monitor the on-going success of all placements and, where required, adjustments can be made quickly and effectively in order to maximise the chance for a successful placement.

We develop an Individual Pupil Plan (IPP) and child-centred care plan for each of our young people prior to admission to Coxlease School, followed by organising a therapy provision. These are based on the needs identified during their assessment, overall placement objectives and aims and intentions for the young person in the areas of:

  • Educational needs and targets
  • Health needs and health promotion
  • Cultural, religious, language and racial needs
  • Behaviour support plan, including an individualised risk assessment
  • Social and emotional development

The pupil’s tutor (representing the education team) and their key worker (representing the residential team where appropriate) will work closely together to implement and monitor their IPP and the Care Plan on a day-to-day basis.

Multi-agency working

Multi-agency working is central to the approach taken by Coxlease School, from admission right the way through to a pupil’s transition into further education, training or employment. The school works with a wide range of agencies to ensure that we are always acting in the best interests of the young person.

How to make a referral

To find out more about making a referral to Coxlease School, please contact:


E: coxleaseandclayhillreferrals@aspriscs.co.uk