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Curriculum information

At Coxlease School, we aim to provide all students with the ability to achieve and thrive academically and socially, regardless of personal or learning experiences. We appreciate individuality and adapt the National Curriculum to meet the needs of our learners, considering all background needs. Coxlease School incorporates a holistic view of teaching and learning, which sees social skills and therapy opportunities as a key factor within our learning experience. Learners are given opportunities to progress in all core subjects, foundation subjects and further learning and life experiences outside of the classroom.

As an extensive provision, we wish for all our students to leave Coxlease School with appropriate qualifications and a career pathway, which can be further supported through our post-16 provisions.

Our Statement of Intent:

“At Coxlease School, we will provide a holistic, individualised and experienced based curriculum enabling pupils to upskill to their next steps in education and become successful members of society.”

Further Information

Please see our policies for:


The Writing For Pleasure Centre – – promoting research-informed writing teaching (writing4pleasure.com)

Ruth Miskin Training - Ruth Miskin Phonics Training

AQA – education charity providing GCSEs, A-levels and support

Covid-19 Information:

We at Coxlease School recognise that the pandemic has been a difficult time for everybody, and the adjustment period post-lockdown may present some challenges for our pupils.

Although the situation looks a lot brighter than it did, we must still accept that Covid-19 transmissions are still commonplace. Our Infection Control policy is available here, which outlines the steps we will take in an outbreak situation. This also details our approach to remote learning as an alternative means of education during periods of high risk.

Please note that we are committed to supporting them in anyway that we can, and our post-Covid action plan is available on request.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Clare Priday (clarepriday@aspriscs.co.uk) or Anthony Merriman (anthonymerriman@aspriscs.co.uk).

Covid-19 Update – 29/11/21

In respect of the implications of the new covid variant, we are implementing some additional measures to mitigate the risk as effectively as possible in the lead up to Christmas.

In summary:

  • Breakfast Club to stop from tomorrow morning onwards (They can bring their own in should they wish to).
  • No toast at break time from today onwards (Fruit/Snacks to be given in classrooms).
  • We will go back to bubbles for break time and lunch time:
    • KS2 – Outdoor gym nearest to staff room;
    • KS3 – Outdoor court/gym;
    • KS4 – Music/Sports Hall area.
  • No sports clubs at lunchtimes.
  • Masks must be worn (excluding primary aged/those who are exempt) in communal areas, including:
    • Admin Office;
    • Canteen;
    • All offices.
  • Social distancing in communal areas.
  • Visitors on site to be limited to absolute necessity.
  • All training/meetings to be virtual for the remainder of the term.
  • All hygiene measures to be prioritised (including ventilation in classrooms).
  • At present, off-site activities will take place, but all people in cars must wear masks with windows open.
  • All pupils must abide by the rules set by external sites (i.e. masks worn in shops etc…)

We would actively encourage pupils to test regularly and remain at home if they are presenting with any covid typical symptoms. We have test kits that can be sent home should you need to replenish; please do get in touch if you would like any.