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Policies & Procedures

Arrangements for safeguarding:

Sketchley School - Safeguarding Children



The following group policies are implemented at all of our Aspris Children’s Services sites. Please click here to access these policies.

  • Complaints Policy (OP03)
  • Admissions policy (ACS 11)
  • Countering Bullying policy (ACS 03)
  • Behaviour Support policy (ACS 04)
  • Exclusions policy (ACS 37)
  • First Aid Policy (AH&S 15)
  • Health and Safety Policy (AH&S 01)
  • SEN policy (ACS 33)
  • Curriculum Policy (ACS 31)
  • Equal Opportunities and EAL Policy (ACS 26)
  • Health and Welfare Policy (ACS 17)

Our school has a local procedure, which explains how we apply each policy at our school. If you would like a copy of any of these local procedures, please contact the school using the number below.

We can also provide you with copies of the following policies on request. Please contact the school if you would like a copy of a particular policy.

ACS 34: Spiritual, Moral, Social and Community Cohesion Policy (including British Values)

OP08.1: Responding to suspected radicalisation

ACS 35: Examinations policy

To view our latest inspection report, please click here.

School information:

Sketchley School,
Manor Way, 
Leicestershire, LE10 3HT

T: 01455 890 023
E: sketchleyschoolschool@priorygroup.com

To contact the Head Teacher:

Susannah Craig
Head Teacher, Sketchley School
E: susannacraig@aspriscs.co.uk
T: 01531 670 632

To contact the Operations Director:

Jack Smallman
Operations Director, Aspris Children’s Services / Governance Lead
E: JackSmallman@Aspris.com
T: 01246 590255


John Anderson, Interim Chief Operating Officer
Chair for the Proprietor
Aspris Children's Services Limited
The Forge,
Church Street West,
Surrey, GU21 6HT


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