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Our Staff Team

Sketchley School’s staff team are highly knowledgeable, with a wealth of specialised experience and training. They re-engage our young people with learning and provide the support that they need to achieve progress, academically, socially and emotionally.

“To the amazing people that have helped me, thank you to all the staff for just making kids’ lives better…[Aspris] helped me feel like I fit in and gave me a sense of direction that I couldn't get with mainstream school.”

Former Sketchley School pupil

"Students enjoy the sixth form and achieve well. They show maturity and increasing independence. Leaders provide students with a curriculum that is appropriate to their needs and capabilities. For example, students access specialist A levels and vocational learning in local colleges and schools. They are prepared well for the world of work and their next steps in education and independence. For example, students learn about work, pay, tax and national insurance payments. Others develop their cooking knowledge and skills."

Sketchley School Ofsted Report

It is very important to us that pupils work with a consistent team, taking a consistent approach. Our committed, creative staff build trusting and caring relationships with young people and establish a positive and supportive learning environment, tailored to their individual needs. Every day they model the behaviour we are looking for our young people to develop themselves.

The professional development of our staff is promoted by access to the comprehensive and continually updated training programme we access as part of Aspris Children’s Services, one of the UK’s leading specialist education providers.

Staff work in partnership with parents, providing regular updates on progress and regularly consulting on next steps. All have an understanding of the impact that having a child with autism can have on families. There is an open door culture, which promotes open communication with families.

Seeking a rewarding career?

By joining our team at Aspris Children’s Services, you will have the opportunity to help change the lives of the children and young people that we support. To explore our current job vacancies, please click here.

"My child has developed so well in terms of education, communication and management of his emotions. He has also developed good relationships with staff, and made solid friendships."

Parent of Sketchley School pupil

“Progression House have helped by giving me support throughout college classes when I’ve needed it and in-house on site, in lessons from their wide group of staff members who work really well with young adults with autism. The life skills lessons that take place at Progression House do a great job in helping students out for getting ready in adult life. I have become so confident in my writing ability thanks to my English lessons, I launched my own news website after getting accepted on to the Journalism college course."

Former Sketchley School pupil and current BTEC Level 3
Journalism student

Seeking a rewarding career?

Explore our latest job
vacancies at Aspris
Children’s Services.

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