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Frequently asked questions

Please see below some of the most frequently asked parent questions.

If you have any further questions, or would like to speak with a member of our team, please call Sketchley School on 01455 890 023, or email sketchleyschool@aspriscs.co.uk.

  • Who does Sketchley School support?

    Our main cohort are students with high functioning autism. Alongside the diagnosis of autism, students often have other diagnosis such as ADHD, dyslexia, PDA tendencies, social anxiety disorder, select mutism, etc.

  • How does Sketchley School support students with additional needs?

    All of our staff are trained in Team Teach and undertake regular additional training such as PDA training and safeguarding.

    Staff manage students’ additional needs with strategies such as movement, safe spaces and change of face etc.

    We also use Zones of Regulation for our students, to help them recognise how they are feeling and then use strategies to get them regulated.

  • What are the class sizes at Sketchley School?

    We offer smaller class sizes at Sketchley school, with no more than six students per class, one teacher and two support staff.

    All students have their own workspace and a group worktable is available in each class.

  • What curriculum is offered?

    We follow the national curriculum at Sketchley School, offering core subjects in maths, English and science.

    In addition, all sites participate in life skills, independent living and educational trips. These can include shopping, using public transport, cooking, doing laundry and going to the gym.

  • How does Sketchley School split the different age groups?

    Sketchley School is split over three sites:

    Our younger students, Year 4 to Year 9, are based at Sketchley Hall.

    Years 10 and 11 are located at Forest House, where they follow one of three pathways depending on their academic level; nurturing (entry level qualifications), mid-range (functional) and GCSE route (maths, English and science). This may also include vocational qualifications and extra GCSE’s, such as history.

    Post-16 students are based at Progression House, where they attend local colleges, supported by staff doing a course of their choice.

  • How do I apply to Sketchley School?

    All of our students must have an education, health and care plan (EHCP) in place (draft or final) as well as a diagnosis of autism.

    Parents are asked to contact their Local Authority to send Sketchley School their son’s/daughter’s EHCP. Once received, our management team will review each case individually to decide whether Sketchley School is suitable for that young person. We will then request permission from the Local Authority to contact parents and arrange an assessment.

    If agreed, we will invite parents in for a visit, to tour our facilities and meet with our staff team.