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Latest Ofsted Report

Sketchley School is rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted in every assessment category apart from our sixth form provision which was ‘Outstanding’.

Please find below a selection of the direct quotes from our latest Ofsted report and to read the full report, please click here.

Quotes from our Ofsted report

“All students move on to positive destinations with the confidence to succeed. All students move on to appropriate placements in employment, further training or higher education. This represents excellent progress across higher levels of study”

“Pupils make good progress with their learning and personal development throughout their time at the school. The curriculum prepares them well to move through the different stages of their education and achieve creditable success in external examinations”

“The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good. Staff place a strong emphasis on building confidence, creating an environment of readiness to learn.”

“Pupils are encouraged to take pride in their work and in themselves. They develop positive attitudes to learning and to success. They are helped to address personal distractions and anxieties, and they experience much success over time with integration into class relationships and with responding positively to the contributions of others.”

“Teachers demonstrate good subject knowledge and creative, imaginative, effective ways of conveying knowledge and understanding to pupils. Teachers and Teaching Assistants have an excellent understanding of the learning characteristics of pupils, including their emotional and personal needs.”

“Pupils’ behaviour and social relationships improve considerably, often from low starting points on entry to the school. Their good attendance supports their progress”

“Pupils have regular opportunities to consider jobs and careers…Staff facilitate opportunities for pupils to discuss their future aspirations and, through careers advice, help pupils to realise what they need to fulfil these roles.”

“This is a good school”

“Pupils feel safe in the school. The school’s arrangements for safeguarding and promoting pupils’ welfare are effective.”


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