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Phonics learning journey

We use Twinkl Phonics as our systematic, synthetic phonics programme (SSP). It is a high quality and robust programme which offers a mix of bright, fun and engaging lesson resources within a clear and systematic approach, that builds on children’s skills daily.

The structure of every Twinkl Phonics lesson follows a simple five-part structure to ensure that each area of phonics are covered.


Revisit and review

Children review previously taught GPCs (Grapheme-phoneme Correspondence) and tricky/common exception words


New GPC and tricky/common exception words


Blend and segment words using the new GPCs


Read or write a caption or sentence using taught GPCs and tricky/common exception words


Assess children’s learning against criteria and create an action plan


Decodable reading books are also provided, matched to the children’s phonic level through Rhino Readers.