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Life skills

Helping young people to build life skills is central to the very ethos of Sheridan School. We believe that it is vital to get this right in order to give students the best chance of learning effectively. Each and every moment at the school is designed to help our young people work towards developing new life skills and building on their existing ones.

We are committed to ensuring that our young people leave us not only having achieved their academic potential, but having also with the life skills they need to go on to become successful adults that can make a contribution to society. We place a strong emphasis on team work and social skills and help students to develop in these areas through:

  • Classroom-based activities
  • School-wide initiatives
  • Lunchtime clubs
  • School trips
  • Social events

Our primary students, for example, go to the local library and play at the park to help develop their social skills. We also run a weekly SMSC programme on a Friday which gives young people the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of activities including going bowling and visiting the cinema, beach and local farms.