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Staff profiles

Sheridan School has a team of approximately 30 staff including:

  • Twelve qualified teachers (specialising in a range of areas including sport and food technology)
  • Learning support assistants (available to work 1:1 with children when required)
  • Speech and language therapist (SALT)
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Counselling psychologist
  • Psychotherapeutic counsellor
  • Music therapist
  • Chef
  • Learning Mentors
  • Nest group leaders

The school places a high priority on ensuring all staff have the training they need to provide the highest levels of care. As such, in addition to their individual academic qualifications, all staff have:

  • Level 3 safeguarding training
  • Level 2 autism training
  • Team Teach training in positive handling physical intervention techniques
  • Attachment theory training

Seeking a rewarding career?

By joining our team at Aspris Children’s Services, you will have the opportunity to help change the lives of the children and young people that we support. To explore our current job vacancies, please click here.

Key contact details

For general enquiries, please contact:

E: sheridanschool@aspriscs.co.uk
T: 01366 726040

To contact the Headteacher:

Phil Ringsell
Headteacher, Sheridan School
E: PhilRingsell@aspriscs.co.uk
T: 01366 726040

To contact the Operations Director:

Gabrielle O’Meara
Operations Director, Aspris Children’s Services / Governance Lead
E: Gabrielleomeara@aspris.com
T: 07547 104 906 


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Seeking a rewarding career?

Explore our latest job
vacancies at Aspris
Children’s Services.