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Sheridan School aims to support children and young people to achieve good outcomes, both in terms of academic achievement and personal development.

School-wide outcomes

  • 97% overall attendance
  • 100% of parents say their child is happy at Sheridan School
  • 100% of parents and staff say the school is well-led and managed

Butterflies (ASD unit)

  • 100% of students now eat in the dining hall
    • Three students ate in the dining hall (September 2015)
    • Six students ate in the dining hall (November 2015)
    • This is due to reward schemes and a new ASD teacher
  • 93% overall attendance this academic year
    • This is due to the enhanced positive approach of staff meaning young people are looking forward to coming to school and achieving
  • 25% increase in attendance for one student
    • Student was a school refuser before he joined us
  • 100% improvement on incidents from last academic year
    • Reduced from 14 incidents (autumn term 2014) to eight incidents (spring term 2016)
  • 100% of students attending outdoor education
    • One pupil attending outdoor education (September 2015)
    • Six pupils attending outdoor education (November 2015)
    • Students are more engaged when visitors are in their area and you can see their confidence has grown

Woodlands (Primary unit)

  • 98.8% attendance during spring term 2016
  • 50% reduction in students involved in incidents
    • Six students involved in incidents (September 2015)
    • Three students involved in incidents (November 2015)
    • Due to a revised behaviour policy with clearer consequences and clearer boundaries by all staff
  • 27 point increase in SEAL questionnaire outcome for one student
    • Increased from 33 points (September 2015) to 60 points (November 2015)
    • Questionnaire focuses on motivation, empathy and managing feelings


  • 84% reduction in incidents from autumn term 2015 to spring term 2016
    • Only one physical intervention during spring term 2016
  • 40% increase in one pupil’s attendance
    • Increasing from five half-days in September 2015 to three half-days and one full day in Spring 2016
    • Student is exceeding their predicted KS2 levels. She should be working at 3B but is currently excelling at 5B