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Radio City School supports young people aged 8 to 18 years with a wide range of complex needs.

Our admissions process

Step 1:
The school will review a referral and if after gathering the relevant information about the child, we feel we may be able to offer a placement, we will arrange an assessment visit. This will usually take place in school, but we can conduct visits to the home, if we feel this is more appropriate.

Step 2:
The young person, family members or the professionals supporting them will be invited to Radio City School to meet our staff members and take a tour of the school, during the school day or outside of this, to meet their needs. This is an opportunity to ask any questions about our school and our admissions process and for us to find out more about the child and their needs.

Step 3:
If we feel that Radio City School can support the child and their specific needs, we will make a placement offer to the referrer. This will include how we envisage meeting the young person’s needs, any additional support we feel will be required for the placement and what the anticipated outcomes for the child might be.

Step 4:
Once a placement is accepted by the young person, their family and any involved professionals, we will make arrangements to transition them into school. As the young person begins to settle into Radio City School, we will undertake baseline assessments that will enable us to track and measure their development and progress going forward.

To arrange a visit to our school, please call us on 01505 685 714.