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Working in partnership with families

Our school builds effective relationships with parents and carers, who can play an important role in supporting their child’s education and development. Where appropriate, we will identify and work with others who provide the supportive role to the pupil, such as placing authorities. Communication is regular and open, we provide daily progress updates, as well as consulting on next steps in their education and care.

We effectively build relationships with parents and carers to play an important role in supporting their child's education and development.

We keep in regular contact with parents and carers and offer an open door policy where they can call, email or visit us, as and when appropriate. We also invite parents and carers to join our forum where they can share their views on Radio City School and have their say about what works for their child, and what improvements they would like to see.  

The Head Teacher and Deputy Head offer an open door policy to parents and professionals, ensuring they are accessible and approachable and communication is effective and two-way.


Keeping your child safe online

For a range of information about keeping yourself or a child you know safer from any online abuse, please visit: www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/