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Daniel's Story

At 10 years old, Daniel* spent six months on the children’s ward of The Royal Hospital in Glasgow, before coming to live at Balgray Cottage. Daniel has now stayed with us for three years, with an agreed view that Daniel’s placement will be long term.

Daniel has a diagnosis of ADHD and depression, as well as significant eating difficulties, which left him malnourished and underweight.

Daniel previously had limited engagement in education and would often spend his day in an education base, requiring support from his father to be able to maintain attendance. Daniel also found it difficult to communicate with adults in his life. He would often try to hide under tables or squeeze himself into small spaces when he was upset, and this could be dangerous for him. Daniel would often bark or growl at staff when angry, as he was unable to verbalise his emotions.

Daniel’s key issues and needs included:

  • ADHD
  • Delayed communication
  • Depression
  • Emotional regulation
  • Impulse control
  • Relationship difficulties

When Daniel arrived at Balgray Cottage, he was on high doses of medication to help control his ADHD and to manage his depression. He struggled to take his medication and this would often have an adverse impact on his behaviour. Daniel would often become aggressive towards staff and put himself at risk by trying to hide in small, enclosed spaces.

Following any incidents, Daniel would often lie in the foetal position or try to sit on a staff member’s knee for reassurance and support. This led staff at Balgray Cottage to develop an approach with Daniel which allowed him to re-trace early childhood developmental stages. This approach allowed Daniel to develop his internal coping strategies, whilst also encouraging him to build trusting relationships with staff.

*Name and images have been changed to maintain confidentiality.