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Education Services

At Radio City School, our young people come first and are at the heart of everything we do. We re-engage pupils with learning, making this personally meaningful by connecting it to a child’s interests, hopes and aspirations for life. We prepare our young people for a brighter future by supporting them to build independence, develop socially and emotionally and achieve academically.

Many of our young people arrive at Radio City School behind in their education and very wary about returning to school. Our aim is to focus on them as an individual and to build their confidence and belief in themselves. With our support, young people learn how to work alongside their peers, they develop a sense of belonging to Radio City School, taking on leadership roles in our school as well as ownership of their learning.

We are proud that our pupils not only catch up with their studies, but consistently succeed academically, while developing the life skills they need for a fulfilling and independent future.

Learning tailored to the individual

Each pupil receives a highly personalised education based on a broad and balanced curriculum, with opportunities for vocational learning. We get to know and understand every young person, identifying their strengths, social, emotional and learning needs, preferences and goals for the future. We then put together bespoke learning pathways and enhanced curricula to maximise their engagement and attainment. Each pupil has their own team around them and we work in partnership with pupils and those who support them.

Young people at Radio City School have the opportunity to study for a wide range of qualifications. Many young people are also supported to access college courses or undertake voluntary work in the local community, as steps towards achieving their ambitions.

A nurturing environment that unlocks potential

When young people join our school, they enter a warm, supportive and welcoming learning environment where they soon feel secure, valued and understood. The entire school staff team follows a nurturing approach that is also trauma-informed, with some of our team members being trained Nurture School Teachers who share their knowledge and expertise.

Our team build trusting relationships that make our pupils feel comfortable in school and ready to learn again. They provide intensive care and support and encourage learning through consistent approaches, structures and routines. In addition to the education and care teams, each pupil has their own key Teacher they can go to for support and advice.

Pupils learn to understand their emotions, to become more resilient, and to communicate and interact well with others. We equip them with the tools and strategies to address their challenges and to maintain good mental health and wellbeing once they leave our school.

Preparing for a brighter future

Developing the social and emotional skills for independent living is a key objective from the very start of each pupil's learning journey at Radio City School. Our school is in the heart of Kilbirnie, which means that young people have opportunities to learn in the community so they acquire the confidence and everyday life skills they will need for the next stage of their journey.

Radio City School has a close relationship with Skills Development Scotland, and as part of this, they are invested in our pupils futures, offering regular careers advice sessions for senior phase pupils. The college works with our community partners to tailor work experience to the needs and interests of each individual, ensuring that they gain lasting positive impacts from this.

Part of one of the UK’s leading specialist education providers

We are proud to be part of Aspris Children’s Services, one of the UK’s leading specialist education providers. We form part of a network of schools sharing best practice and learning from each other’s successes.

As part of Aspris Children’s Services, we have access to a national network of education and care services. We also benefit from a comprehensive and continually updated range of training, expert information and advice for educating and supporting children and young people. This supports weekly continuing professional development (CPD) sessions and an annual conference with other associated schools for our staff, who are continually learning how to most effectively meet the needs of our pupils.

Our school is overseen by an Operations Director, Health and Safety Advisor and Quality Lead, ensuring a consistent and robust approach of the highest standards.