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Welcome to Callow Hills Farm

Located near to a town in Herefordshire, Callow Hills Farm is a children’s home for young people aged from 8-18 years with a range of complex needs. This includes previous trauma, attachment difficulties, emotional and social difficulties, as well as mild to moderate learning difficulties and an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). We understand that every young person in our care has individual needs and our aim is to support our young people through the transition to adulthood.

Supporting the needs of the young people

The children’s home’s staffing team consists of 12 members, including the Manager, Support Workers, Team Leaders, Deputy Manager and Residential Manager. All of the staff are of different ages, come from different backgrounds and have the required checks and training to make sure those in our care are kept safe. There will be at least two members of staff on duty at all times, dependent on an individual’s needs and support. Each young person will also have a keyworker who will support them in all aspects of their care and education.

Our staff at Callow Hills Farm have professional training and experience to de-escalate incidents of behaviours that may challenge, supporting the young person to manage their emotions and actions safely. Should a young person’s behaviour become unsafe to themselves or others, the staff team are trained to safely use physical intervention when necessary. We will only use this as a last resort and if at any time physical intervention is used, the staff team will use restorative practice with the young person to try to prevent further incidents of this nature.

Service summary

Callow Hills Farm expects all of the young people in our care to go to school, college or work placements. As part of these provisions, the staff team will help facilitate access to these opportunities, ensuring that we maintain close links with providers to fully support the young person’s academic journey. The staff team at Callow Hills Farm is dedicated to giving the young people all the help and support that they need to succeed. Our services include:

  • A spacious 5-bedded home that is located on the site of Priory’s Queenswood School

  • Rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted during last inspection

  • A wide variety of both on-site and community-based activities

  • Access to a range of therapeutic assessments and services are available as required through Queenswood School

The facilities available

Callow Hills Farm has an open-plan living, kitchen and dining area where young people can relax, eat and do their homework. We also have a games room where they can play.

The house is situated in a rural area and has three acres of land, including a games field, sports court, rear gardens, vegetable plots and barbecue area. Our aim is to encourage and support the young people in our care to utilise this area appropriately. We have qualified staff to lead outdoor activities, ensuring all abilities can access these facilities.

At Callow Hills Farm, each young person will have their own bedrooms which all have en-suite bathrooms with toilet and shower facilities. Each bedroom has a television and we encourage the young people we support to also spend time in the communal areas of the house to socialise with their peers.

We encourage the young people in our care to personalise their bedrooms and they are able to use appropriate items such as posters and photographs to make their personal space their own. All of the young people are expected to keep their home and bedrooms clean and tidy with support from the staff team.

A range of activities

The young people in our care will have a variety of different activities that they will be supported to access in accordance to individual abilities and as a result of positive attitudes and behaviours. We aim to facilitate either individual or group activities including:

  • Golf
  • Gym
  • Leisure classes, including dancing and boxing

  • Football, including going to watch games

  • Rock climbing

  • Cinema

  • Visits to local attractions including Alton Towers and places of historical interest

  • Laser-Quest

  • Walks

If your child has a specialist interest, we will support them to participate in their chosen activity.