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Our Staff Team

Robert Coles has worked for Aspris Children’s Services for over 10 years. He began his career as a teacher of Physical Education before progressing to become a part of the school’s senior leadership team. His invaluable experience and commitment to continuing his career with the Priory Group led to him taking up the position of Head Teacher at Queenswood School in May 2016.

The staff at Queenswood School work closely together, operating as a single education team. Our highly experienced and dedicated staff members share the school’s vision to unlock the potential of our young people by reengaging them with learning and supporting them to achieve a brighter future. They take a consistent and cohesive approach to learning and support which sees our pupils develop and thrive.

Our teachers have strong, current subject knowledge that ensures a quality learning experience for our students. All teaching staff have high standards of personal and professional conduct: they act with honesty and integrity whilst forging strong professional relationships and acting in the best interests of every pupil.


“The quality of teaching, including in the sixth form, is good. Strong subject knowledge, planning and positive relationships make a big difference to how well pupils engage in lessons.”

Queenswood School Ofsted report

The school’s learning mentors develop positive connections with pupils and support behaviour and attitudes as well as personal development. Our mentors work with the aim of encouraging each student to become more willing to learn.

Psychology assessment and therapeutic support is provided by our PACCT team. Their focus is on ensuring that young people receive the intensive and tailored support they need to develop emotionally and socially and on establishing safe, trusting relationships to provide interventions and encourage positive change.

All staff model the behaviours that we wish to see in young people, such as integrity, being positive and striving for excellence. The professional development of our staff is promoted by access to the comprehensive and continually updated training programme of Priory Education and Children’s Services, one of the UK’s leading specialist education providers.

Staff work in partnership with parents and those who support each child, providing daily updates on progress and regularly consulting on next steps. 

Seeking a rewarding career?

By joining our team at Aspris Children’s Services, you will have the opportunity to help change the lives of the children and young people that we support. To explore our current job vacancies, please click here.

“My son is 11 years old and is attending Queenswood School full-time. During his time in Queenswood, he has enjoyed going and being there, the staff are brilliant with him and take the time to get to know him and understand him. He has built a good relationship with members of staff and often comes home happy telling me about his day. I am extremely grateful and happy with Queenswood School. Thank you to all the staff for your hard work, patience and understanding.”

Parent of a pupil at Queenswood School

Seeking a rewarding career?

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Children’s Services.

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