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Please see below some of the most frequently asked parent questions.

If you have any further questions, or would like to speak with a member of our team, please call Newbury Manor School on 01373 814 980, or email newburymanorschool@aspriscs.co.uk.

  • Are classes based on age or academic stage/level?

    Classes at Newbury Manor School are based on a child’s academic stage.

  • Do young people move around the school for each lesson or remain in one classroom?

    Generally, younger students, and those in the sensory groups remain in their own rooms for lessons, the exception being for lessons such as cooking or Forest School. Many of the secondary aged pupils do move rooms for their lessons and we encourage students to develop skills with transitions and timekeeping.

  • What does a typical day/example timetable look like?

    Generally, all students in the school have a similar structure to their day:

    9:00am-9.20am              Students arrive and go directly to their tutor group

    9.25am-10.15am             First lesson

    10.15am-10.30am           Morning break

    10.35am- 11.25am          Second lesson

    11.35am-12.25pm           Third lesson

    12.30pm-1:00pm             Lunch

    1:00pm-3:00pm               Afternoon session which can involve activities such as swimming, shopping with tutor group, PE, or Forest School

  • What is the staff to student ratio in a classroom?

    We staff our classes according to the needs of the students. As a guide, we usually have one teacher to five pupils and additional teaching assistants further supporting classes and activities.

  • What subjects are available?

    English, maths, science, art, drama, music, humanities, IT, cooking, forest school, PE, swimming, PSHE, and a range of ASDAN courses such as life skills. Students also have the opportunity to undertake work-experience with a range of local employers.

  • What therapies are available?

    For more information on the therapy services available at Newbury Manor School, please click here.

  • Is there a uniform?

    There is not a uniform for students at Newbury Manor School. There may be times when we ask students to bring in certain items of clothing for specific activities for example, when they have swimming lessons, we ask that they bring in their own swimming kit and towel.

  • What are the admission criteria – i.e. diagnosis, age?

    If you have questions regarding admission criteria, please contact our Referral Coordinator, Judith Blackwell:

    E: judithblackwell@aspriscs.co.uk
    T: 01278 641 632
    M: 07518 298 184