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Outcomes and achievements

Young people studying at Newbury Manor School are able to take a variety of nationally accredited courses. Recent results include GCSE results, which are very strong but increasingly we are supporting young people with more vocational needs too and so are offering an increasingly broad range of accreditation options in order to meet needs.

B-Squared assessment package

  • 100% of pupils made progress of two sub levels in English (2014/15)
  • 83% of pupils made progress of one whole level in English (2014/15)
  • 91% of pupils made progress of two sub levels in maths (2014/15)
  • 75% of pupils made progress of one whole level in maths (2014/15)
  • 91% of pupils made progress of two sub levels in science (2014/15)

The transition curriculum

  • In 2014/15, 90% of pupils of students who joined the school had not been in full time education for over 12 months. We used the transition curriculum to re-engage in school successfully.
Of these 14 pupils:
  • 100% now engage in daily literacy and numeracy sessions within class groups
  • 13 out of 14 are engaging fully in all aspects of their curriculum

The Spectrum Star (refer to Curriculum Information)

  • Pupils recorded an increase of 71% across all nine areas, compared with a 52% national increase (2014/15)
  • 15 out of 18 students made good or better progress overall (2014/15)
  • 8 out of 18 students made outstanding progress in at least one strand (2014/15)


  • 100% gained at least 5 GCSE passes (2013/14)
  • 33% gained 5 GCSEs, including English and maths, at grades A*-C (2013/14)
  • Our highest achieving student gained one A*, three As and four Bs at GCSE (2013/14)

Post-16 students

  • 100% of students studying at a partner college completed their course (2012/13/14/15)
  • 100% of year 11 and Post-16 students remained in full time education (2013/14/15)
  • One recent leaver went on to study Physics at Oxford
  • 6% attendance in the sixth form in 2014/15
  • Three sixth form students made excellent progress, earning the following qualifications (2014/15):
    • BTEC IT Practitioners - Level 3 – Distinction
    • GCSE Art (Short Course) – D
    • GCSE Maths – C
    • Vehicle Systems Maintenance – Entry Level 3 – Pass
    • BTEC L1 - Foundation Learning – Pass
    • Entry Level 2 in English and Maths

Student satisfaction survey

  • 100% agreed that “staff help me to learn”
  • 90% felt they were “given opportunities to develop independence”
  • 90% were “happy with the help I receive to learn”
  • 90% agreed they “had what they needed in order to learn”
  • 80% agreed that they got “feedback about how I am doing”
  • 80% were happy with the opportunities for “development of work based skills”

Parent/carer satisfaction survey

  • 100% agreed that “staff help my child to learn”
  • 100% felt they “had opportunities to help my child to learn”
  • 83% agreed they “knew the learning targets for their child”