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Work experience opportunities

The curriculum at Newbury Manor School is based around the use of the Spectrum Star. This approach ensures that there is a strong and consistent focus on developing pupils’ employability skills throughout their time with us at the school. This may include:

  • Careers advice
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Independence programmes
  • Therapeutic interventions linked to the personalised career aspirations of each individual

Arranging meaningful work placements

For those pupils wanting to get a taste of the ‘world of work’, we offer a work experience programme. Newbury Manor School strives to ensure that every work placement is meaningful to the young person. In order to do this, staff look to arrange work experience that is:

  • In the student’s local community
  • Based on the student’s employment goals
  • Related to the student’s college course/field of study
  • Directly linked to the student’s potential career options
  • For a duration that best suits the student’s needs (i.e. working full time in a short block or one day per week over a longer period)

Previous placements

Students at Newbury Manor School have previously undertaken work experience in a range of industries, including:

  • Equine care
  • Catering
  • Woodwork