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Therapy services

At Unsted Park School, we provide highly effective therapeutic support which helps each young person to address the individual challenges that their autism brings. They learn to understand their difficulties, manage their behaviours and develop new ways of thinking. The therapeutic support they receive enables our students to fully participate in their learning and life in general, as well as develop socially and emotionally.

Our therapy specialists work as an integrated team, focusing on a holistic therapeutic approach to achieve the best possible outcomes for young people. As a large multidisciplinary team, they work closely with each student to identify their goals, aspirations and hopes for the future. They then put together a therapy package tailored to their individual needs, which is continually reviewed and developed as these change over time.

Our therapy services support personal growth and empower students with the skills and confidence they can draw on for life.

The speech and language therapy (SLT) team

Strengthening communication skills and improving the way our students interact with others removes barriers to learning and can dramatically improve a young person’s life. Through evidence-based practice, the Speech and Language Therapy team supports students to form quality relationships with their peers and the staff team supporting them.

They learn to communicate more confidently and to strengthen their conversational skills, which supports academic, social and emotional development. Speech and language therapy provides students with a means of making free choices and expressing their feelings.

The team work in partnership with families, so that strategies can also be practised at home. This ensures a holistic approach and maximises their positive impact.

The mental health therapy team

Young people with autism often have mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Our Therapy team includes dedicated mental health specialists, who support students in addressing and overcoming these issues.

The Clinical Psychologist, Art Therapist and Counsellor help students to identify and tackle any difficulties that may be affecting their academic progress, their relationships with others and their general wellbeing.

Occupational therapy team

Our Occupational Therapists empower young people by supporting the development of the skills needed for everyday life, in areas such as self-care, schoolwork and play. They provide a holistic service that is integrated into the academic and classroom setting.

Students are supported to overcome any barriers to learning, with a tailored programme of support. The team is person-centred and strive to understand students own personal goals and interests to ensure any therapy is as individual and appropriate as possible.

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