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A specialist curriculum

Our curriculum is highly ambitious, specialist and varied, designed to ensure that every pupil has access to a knowledge and skills-based curriculum, one which meets their individual needs and goes beyond, yet includes, the EYFS and National Curriculum. The curriculum will also include the integration of SCERTS (Social Communication Emotional Regulation Transactional Support).

The curriculum supports pupils to develop knowledge and skills as appropriate to their age, ability and stage of development.

The starting points of pupils and their expected future destinations will be taken into consideration by the Teachers. Learners will be placed on a curriculum pathway. Each curriculum pathway links to thoughtfully developed schemes of work to enable learners to access lessons which provide progressive learning opportunities. Learners acquire new skills and knowledge, whilst consolidating and embedding prior learning.

Within our curriculum, we have clearly defined goals. To learn skills for life and to build sufficient cultural capital within our pupils to allow them to function with age, stage and ability appropriate independence within society, and to build firm foundations for their future lives.

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