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Activities and facilities

The Ribble Autism School has been purpose-designed to be able to meet individual children’s varying needs.

Built with the individual in mind

Pupils attending The Ribble Autism School will have complex needs. We excel in creating a safe space in which our pupils can thrive, re-engage with their education, and make outstanding progress in social communication and emotional resilience.

The classroom environments have been designed with specialist input from our multidisciplinary team to meet the needs of pupils with autism. The classrooms include areas to support pupils’ processing needs, their need for movement breaks, promote social communication and ease anxiety.

The pupils are encouraged to have input into their own learning environment in order to help them to see school as a safe place, where their needs are seen and understood. Learning opportunities, activities and resources will vary considerably between classes and between individuals. This is to ensure that all learning styles are fully met and that all our pupils are being challenged to grow and develop socially, emotionally and academically, with the delivery of an ambitious but supportive therapeutic curriculum.

Off-site activities

Every pupil at The Ribble Autism School has their own highly individualised curriculum, developed in consultation with the young person themselves and their parents/carers.

Our children and young people usually go off-site at least once per day as part of our community education programme. We offer a range of community-based activities that our pupils can choose from, according to their individual needs and preferences, including:

  • Bowling

  • Cycling

  • Rock climbing

  • Gym

  • Horse Riding

  • Soft play

  • Shopping

  • Spa trips

  • Swimming

  • Trampolining
  • Walking

The children and young people at The Ribble Autism School are supported to participate in any activities that they wish to try. The school will always do its best to cater for a child’s particular area of interest/need.

Outcomes-focused activities

The activities programme at The Ribble Autism School is an integral part of each pupil’s personalised learning curriculum and feeds into their individualised learning plans. There will be personalised targets set around each activity e.g. swimming may involve targets around going with a peer or going to a public pool. We ensure that everything we support a young person to do is helping them towards life long learning.

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