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Therapeutic Support

Therapy is a crucial and integral element of the education provided at Roehampton Gate School and we are committed to empowering our children and young people to address and manage their emotions and achieve greater wellbeing. By guiding students to develop emotionally and socially, we support them to engage with their learning and with the opportunities that life has to offer.

Our highly-qualified specialist in-house therapy team includes:

  • A Speech and Language Therapist

  • An Occupational Therapist

  • A Counsellor and Mentor

  • A Student Wellbeing Lead

“Pupils’ wellbeing is taken very seriously. The sensory room, the regular ‘well-being walk’ and clubs, such as the ‘LEGO’ Club, managed by therapy staff, promote well-being. The school provides pupils with help on anger and anxiety management, and understanding autism. The work of the school counsellor and the student well-being lead is highly valued by staff, pupils and parents.”

Ofsted Report


Individual support programmes

Our expert team carefully and thoroughly assess each student, enabling us to develop individual support programmes based around their specific needs. We know that needs can change and each student at Roehampton Gate School has their therapeutic support programme regularly reviewed by our staff team, with input from the young person and their family.

A broad range of therapeutic services

Roehampton Gate School prides itself on the breath of therapy and support that our students benefit from. This includes:

  • A designated mentor for every student

  • 1:1 therapy with qualified therapists

  • Social communication skills support to develop social interaction and conversational skills

  • A personalised sensory diet: exercises to address sensory processing issues and help students to pay attention and fully engage with learning and school life

  • Speech and language therapy strategies for use throughout the school day

  • The ‘Zones of Regulation’ programme to help young people develop the skills to regulate themselves and their emotions

  • Group sessions such as Lego therapy

  • Structured programmes including anxiety management, anger management and understanding autism

  • Individualised programmes focusing on areas including fine motor and gross motor skills, as well as tools and equipment such as visuals or fidget toys

Working hand-in-hand

We are a close-knit staff team and our therapy staff members work hand-in-hand with teachers to ensure that all staff share an understanding of our students’ therapeutic needs. The team provides guidance, advice, support and training so that education, pastoral and therapy services can work together effectively to support each young person. This cohesive, consistent and holistic approach makes a huge difference to students’ wellbeing, emotional and social development, and academic outcomes.

Dedicated therapy space

Roehampton Gate School has three therapy rooms, an occupational therapy suite and a sensory room. In addition to these dedicated spaces, our therapy team work alongside our young people in the classroom to give them the support they need during the school day.

Supporting positive behaviour

We follow a positive behaviour support (PBS) approach which seeks to identify the meaning behind behaviours that may challenge. We approach negative behaviour positively with the intention of understanding its root cause. This may involve breaking down the challenges with the student themselves.

“Teachers, therapists and teaching assistants work together to help pupils in all key stages to consolidate what they know and can do, and to learn new skills. Work is carefully planned to develop pupils’ confidence and resilience, as well as promote their academic progress.”

Ofsted Report


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